A mobile sprinkler system is best for ensuring even coverage. Failing that an oscillating sprinkler. Otherwise a hand-held hosepipe with a sprinkler nozzle. A watering can will not be adequate.


The most important time to apply fertiliser is in the autumn. Spring applications cause excessive growth leading to increased mowing. A slow release fertiliser should be applied in May so growth is not too fast into summer. Too much top growth can prevent the healthy root growth needed to tolerate summer stress.

Spring/Summer Lawn Care

Welcome to our spring/summer lawn care tips put together by the turf experts at Sovereign. We hope you find this helpful, if you have any questions at all then please call us on 01728 688984

  • Any bare patches in your lawn can either be re-turfed for instant effect or be re-seeded. For turf cut out the affected areas down to a depth of 10 - 15mm to allow for the turf thickness. For seeding, scratch the affected areas to create a fine tilth and sow your seed at 35 grams per square metre into the prepared area.


  • If you have any mossy areas in your lawn this is due to soil compaction which can be reduced by aerating the lawn with a spiked roller or on small areas use a garden fork. Push the fork into the lawn down to about 3 to 4 inches and prise up slightly to loosen the soil. This will allow more air into the soil and help to get rid of your moss. This can be done in conjunction with a moss killer.


  • Your lawn will be growing very vigorously aim at maintaining your lawn at 1 to 1.5inch high which in turn encourages your lawn to thicken up to give a nice dense sward.


  • Regular mowing at least once a week is essential to maintain a good looking lawn, if your grass does get a bit long mow down in stages over a period of 2 to 3 weeks to get back down to your regular mowing height. Mowing your lawn down in one go will end up with a yellow lawn which will take a few weeks to recover so little and often is much better to maintain a green lush lawn at all times.


  • All lawns need feeding at least twice a year with a slow release granular fertiliser, which will normally last up to 12 weeks. In September use an autumn formula. Granular fertiliser takes 7 to 10 days to activate from time of application and most need to be watered in after application otherwise it will burn your lawn.

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