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Regal and Xeris grass seed is available in 2kg boxes for sowing small areas and patching, but for larger areas 10kg and 20kg sacks are available.

All Sovereign Grass Seeds are top rated cultivars similar to those used in the turf mixtures so you can match up those worn areas in your lawn with confidence.

High purity grass seed range

Combining high purity and germination rates, Sovereign's quality grass seed delivers on both counts.

Purity Standards

  Seed Type EU Minimum Rate Sovereign Rate  
  Perenial Rye Grass 96% 99%  
  Fescue's 90% 98%  
  Bent Grass 90% 98%  
  S.S.M.G 85% 99%  

Germination Rates

  Seed Type EU Minimum Rate Sovereign Rate  
  Rye Grass 80% 94%  
  Fescue's 75% 91%  
  Bent Grass 75% 93%  
  S.S.M.G 75% 95%  

Test certificates available upon request

Information was correct as of 06/03/2006

If you are interested in purchasing our grass seed then please contact us and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

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