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All Sovereign turf production begins with a controlled blend of certified grass seed which is independently tested for purity. We test the soil for nutrients and minerals and any shortfall is made up prior to drilling the seed.

Once the seed has germinated and the young grass is growing, the production process continues with rolling, mowing, feeding and irrigating. Tensionmeters, unique to Sovereign at present, ensure that just the right amount of water is used to keep the grass healthy without any waste. The result is a lush green sward with fine leaves and a strong root system.

Before harvesting begins, all quality aspects of the mature turf are assessed against the new industry standards which have been published by the TGA. Specialised machinery is then used to lift the turf ready for delivery to the customer. In 1996 Sovereign became the first grower able to offer TGA approved quality turf.

It is important to note that Sovereign do not use netting in the production of their turf. That means there is no danger of injury to children or pets, nor to players using spiked or studded footwear. It also means that the turf is mature and the root system is strong enough to hold it together.

If you have any more questions about how we grow our turf then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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